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Change is like a game of golf:  a long walk filled with endless variety, hazard, and challenge. Yet, unlike golfers, many executives pride themselves in just one aspect of the change journey - the “tee drive” of high-level direction.  They think all they have to do is cast the vision and leave the rest to their followers.  Casting vision is indeed critical but it’s not enough to sustain change or to see it through.  While the big picture has its place, the hardest part of the change journey - the part that paralyses people - is the detail.  The detail of new behaviours, new habits and, above all, the detail of communication that clarifies, inspires and helps people navigate the journey.  

How much time do you spend planning and communicating the “long game” of change?


As John Medina once pointed out, "If companies had has little respect for profits as they do for communication, most of them would be bankrupt".  Neglect planning, neglect communication, neglect the long game...and most efforts to incite change, regardless of its scale, are doomed to fail.


Ideal for up-skilling teams on the rudiments of creating compelling narratives for their idea, project or strategy


Works best when you want a thinking partner to help you deep dive into a narrative for your idea, project or strategy


For impact when it really matters we will use our 4 step process to write you a speech that is memorable and which moves your audience


Our world-class artist and illustrator will make your story pop for that 65% of people in your audience that are visual learners 

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