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It was early Seattle morning in February 2007 and Howard Schultz had had a restless night. A steady drizzle pattered on the kitchen windows as the founder of Starbucks sipped pensively on a brew of French pressed Sumatra, fretting about the business he had founded two decades earlier. The signs were alarming: by the end of 2006, customer spending in Starbucks stores had begun to dip and absolute store traffic had slumped to new lows. The cause of these declines was less easy to diagnose. Yes, the competition had stiffened but this was to be expected. What troubled him were the less obvious causes; “a series of subtle but ultimately telling developments that had led to the watering down of

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Ideal for up-skilling teams on the rudiments of creating compelling narratives for their idea, project or strategy


Works best when you want a thinking partner to help you deep dive into a narrative for your idea, project or strategy


For impact when it really matters we will use our 4 step process to write you a speech that is memorable and which moves your audience


Our world-class artist and illustrator will make your story pop for that 65% of people in your audience that are visual learners 

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