How Roaming Rory Rattled the Tories

As the Tory leadership race kicked into high gear this week, one contender adopted the most insurgent of communication strategies: while every other candidate talked, this one walked. “Rory Stewart”, opined one journalist “is living one of the more extraordinary lives on record”. Born in Hong Kong in 1973, his father was a diplomat who would later become the director of the British Secret Service agency MI6. On completion of military service, Stewart studied philosophy, politics and economics at Oxford whilst moonlighting as a private tutor to Princes William and Harry. In 2002, just months after the American invasion, Stewart walked solo across northern Afghanistan in the middle of wint

Dilbert: The Horrifying Truth

Most problems in business are explained by the depressing notion that nobody really thinks anymore...Tom Godwin, Publicis Groupe. In 1984 American telecom giant Pacific Bell downsized, restructured and rebranded. Just for good measure, execs agreed that culture needed a makeover too. So they hired an expert to help reprogram the way people thought, talked and behaved at work. The intervention (now notorious) had a $160m price tag and would put each staff member through 20 days of intensive training over a six month period. Controversially, a new professional language was imposed. It’s purpose was, in the words of Professor Andre Spicer, to “awaken people from their bureaucratic doze and o

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