Martin Luther King: Apex Leader

Monday 20 January was Martin Luther King Day. Some know him as one of America’s greatest orators. He was also one of its most gifted leaders MLK was to the chapel born. “I grew up in a church. My father is a preacher, my grandfather was a preacher, my great grand-father was a preacher, my only brother is a preacher, my daddy’s brother is a preacher. So I didn’t have much choice”. In the 1950s, the church was not only a rallying point for Black activists. In the absence of constitutional representation, it’s preachers also served African Americans as de-facto political leaders. Little wonder then that MLK soon rose to the top as lead figurehead of the Civil Rights Movement. If his spee

The iNCiTE! Blog Turns 1! (and a half)

In August, the “2 Minute iNCiTE!” celebrated its first birthday. The purpose of a bi-weekly blog was to force myself into the discipline of researching and writing about my professional passion namely, influencing, persuading and communicating change. At first, I had no particular audience in mind but soon began targeting people who had either participated in our training programs or who had expressed an interest in the work we do. As the list of subscribers grew, I was pleasantly surprised by both your engagement and your generous feedback. A huge thanks to you all. In this, the last post of 2019, I reflect on some of the highlights and learnings of the past 18 months: Shortly after launc

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