It is no secret that one of the toughest parts of working in any organisation is persuading people around you to do things you want them to do – particularly for us in the Consumer Insights function, where our job is to provoke & inspire to drive action. If we could rely solely on facts and logic, life would be much easier. But most decisions – while informed by data – are usually made with an element of “heart” as well. And it is mastering the art of head & heart in persuasion that makes it both exciting and challenging!  My CMI Africa team recently spent a day with Brian Rea, going through the Incite “storytelling & persuasion” training. The training itself was brilliantly executed, and fantastically received by all  - with a good balance of theory and practice, and most importantly the opportunity to do some live learning on real business challenges. Therefore making the learning immediately applicable and actionable – critical in a world where time & resource is so precious. Brian has been an absolute pleasure to work with – from the inception of this project, through to its execution, as well as post the training in the form of ongoing support. His prior marketing & leadership experience make him an excellent coach to learn from, and his most powerful asset is that he truly lives and breathes everything he preaches, with the entire training being conducted with an engaging & storytelling approach.

If you work in corporate – or quite frankly do anything that requires you to work with other people – I would strongly recommend this training. And even better if you can employ Brian for ongoing support post the training too, where he is available to coach you through challenges as they come around. Knowing that 70% of our learning is ON THE JOB.


Stacey Grant, Consumer Insights Director for Africa at Unilever



“Definitely time well spent and a great investment in both our individual development and team development.  Quality of the material and passion brought it all together. Well done and thank you very much!!”


Andrew Mysell, Unilever Personal Care Marketing Manager



“Incite's presentation toolkit was used to craft a narrative that would help our newly appointed COO communicate Blue Label's vision and strategy to the entire business.  This was the missing arrow in our quiver and we are proud to campaign it with both internal and external stakeholders.  An asset to say the least”. 

Rob Fleming, CMO, Blue Label Telecoms


Ideal for up-skilling teams on the rudiments of creating compelling narratives for their idea, project or strategy


Works best when you want a thinking partner to help you deep dive into a narrative for your idea, project or strategy


For impact when it really matters we will use our 4 step process to write you a speech that is memorable and which moves your audience


Our world-class artist and illustrator will make your story pop for that 65% of people in your audience that are visual learners 

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