65% of us are visual learners!

Why?   According to the late art critic John Berger, it's because “seeing comes before words - the child looks and recognizes before it can speak”.  More people should know this.  More businesses and startups should act on it.  Most don’t.  When it comes to innovation, most settle for an approach that relies on words, data, research and logic - which is strange when you consider the brain’s limitations.  Words, data, and research are decoded in linear fashion by our short term memory which, at best, can only retain about 7 bits of information.  Images and stories on the other hand travel directly to our long term memory banks where they remain - for the most part - indelibly etched.   But why keep a seat at the table for an artist?  Perhaps this quote by WPP Ad man John Hunt might help:


“New thinking can’t be bossed into existence, it has to be coaxed into the light”


Ideas are fragile thoughts, tentative cognitive events which, if they’re very good, foresee a different and preferable future.  But sometimes even very good ideas are not recognized as such.  At least not at first.  The problem is they generally present in the abstract.  Sometimes they are so abstract that we don’t even really have the words to describe them properly.  If they are to blossom fully they must gently be coaxed into life over time, they must be given a warm and patient welcome by their creators.

In the workplace, art is a midwife for new thinking.  Because it is contemplative, art coaxes the idea from the womb of imagination into the harsh light of reality.  Art helps give the idea shape and texture until it can take its first tentative steps on its own.


iNCiTE! in-house artist Paul Dallimore offers the following services:


  1. Scoping campaign development (e.g. consumer or shopper journey through touch points)

  2. Concept Illustration for product research

  3. Visual note-taking of brainstorm sessions - 

  4. Business model Visualisation - ideal for developing helicopter views of all the elements of your model 

  5. Design of experiments (especially for lean processes)

  6. Product scoping, prototyping and design

  7. Inscapes (insight scapes) that capture the pains and gains world of the Consumer/customer - usually a precursor to Business Model visualization


Ideal for up-skilling teams on the rudiments of creating compelling narratives for their idea, project or strategy


Works best when you want a thinking partner to help you deep dive into a narrative for your idea, project or strategy


For impact when it really matters we will use our 4 step process to write you a speech that is memorable and which moves your audience


Our world-class artist and illustrator will make your story pop for that 65% of people in your audience that are visual learners 

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